Body Prayers - Opening to Divine Love

Women's Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Bringing insights from India home to the Heart

Rolling Meadows

Brooks, Maine

September 20- 26, 2014              6 night retreat $995


At the heart of every yoga, meditation and inquiry practice...is the recognition that our seeking is the longing for Divine Love. The deepest purpose of practice is to learn how to notice what obstructs this connection while strengthening the resonance with this ever-available shimmering field of pure potential.

The practices of mindfulness meditation, yoga, conscious breathing, subtle sensing embodied inquiry, communing with the natural world, and silence support this opening reminding us of who we are at the deepest level while revealing conditioned patterns which keep us from this knowing.

Learning to open to the felt sense of Divine Love gives rise to a compassionate, insightful, clear and expansive response to life, strengthening connection to our deepest resource and sustenance.



"I went everywhere with longing

in my eyes, until here in my own house

I felt truth filling my sight." Lalla

This six-night retreat begins with evening meal at 6pm on Saturday, September 20th and ends at about mid-morning on Friday, September 26th after a morning session and a late breakfast.

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